Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Ministry demonstrates our Christian spirit of caregiving...

by ensuring that any member of our church family who is in need, receives appropriate and compassionate support, visits, and encouragement.  We serve with dignity, integrity and confidentiality at all times.  We respond to situations of bereavement, illness, isolation, hospitalization, or any other life event.  The intent is to respond to persons’ needs directly, or by referring them to others, offering support during circumstances of need, whether joyous or solemn.  Compassionate Care Ministry embraces our members who are homebound, in care centers or otherwise unable to attend service by phone calls, cards, prayers and visitation.  We will address any concern, large or small.

If you just need a hug, our arms are open.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need someone to lean on.  We are a button click or phone call away.

Get in Touch!


Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.

Philippians 2:4


Our Goals:

  • Be a compassionate presence for those in our congregation in need of care, support or encouragement
  • Support the Parish Nurse and other pastoral care ministries
  • Be in touch with those unable to attend worship or church activities so that they feel embraced by our church family

Who We Serve:

  • Those confined to home, care facilities or who are hospitalized
  • Those experiencing short or long term physical illness or treatments
  • Those who are in other life-changing situations such as ALZ or dementia.
  • Those who have recently lost loved ones
  • Those who are caregivers to loved ones
  • Those who just need someone to talk to

What We Offer:

  • Phone calls
  • Notes & cards
  • Personal visits in the home, hospital or care facility
  • Someone to listen and offer support
  • Guidance to connect with appropriate resources needed
  • Prayer